How to enter transactions? Enter transaction via datasheet (SSP)

Falcon provides 2 options for transaction entry, user interface (UI) and datasheet (SSP), this article specilized in datasheet (SSP). 

Data filed information is in Appendix I, which is attached at the end of this article.


Enter transaction via downloading datasheet to complete and upload (datasheet processor or in short SSP)


1. “Download templates” tab provides you a datasheet, download it on your device to enter claims;

2. Complete information of “Import spreadsheet” that all columns are required:

  • Item type (purchase or sale);
  • Name of Customer/Supplier;
  • CoC of Customer/Supplier (ABC-FM/COC-XXXXXX);
  • Sold to COC (for purchase claim enter “n/a”);
  • Product type*;
  • Quantity (in numeric);
  • Unit of Measurement (UoM)*;
  • FSC Claim, claim type*;
  • Percentage claim in case of FSC Mix or FSC Recycled % (enter percentage in numeric).

*options are preloaded in drop-down menu for auto recognition.



3. Navigate back to Falcon and click “Upload data” in left-hand navigation menu, “choose  file” to select your claims entered datasheet. Once uploaded, datasheet claims automatically appear on the interface, “Actions” column allows you to edit, delete, or save each claim on Falcon. Use “Save” beneath to save all claims at once.






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