How to enter transactions? Enter transaction via user interface (UI)

Falcon provides 2 options for transaction entry, user interface and datasheet, this article specilized in user interface (UI). 

Data filed information is in Appendix I, which is attached at the end of this article.


Enter transaction via user interface (UI)



a. Click “Enter claim” tab from the left-hand navigation menu. Ensure you have the invoices from your trading partners that you want to record next to you. You will now fill in UI using the information from your invoices.

b. Filling the UI by completing all the required and optional field.



  • Certificate Code (ABC-FM/COC-XXXXXX) or Non-Certified Trading Partners Name;
  • Claim direction: for recording enterprise purchase from supplier, choose “Purchase” from the drop-down menu; for recording enterprise sales, choose “Sales”;
  • Claim Type: FSC claim made on the document;
  • Product Type: the product claimed as classified by FSC;
  • Quantity: the total quantity in numeric;
  • Units: by which the product is measured;



  • Invoice number: code or number that can be used to uniquely identify the transaction. Invoice number is only required for the specific transaction verification;
  • Date: format in YYYY-MM-DD; choose the start and end date of the transaction period which is lumped together (1 January 2018 – 31 March 2018) or the invoice date (start and end date is the same in this case);
  • Species: in Latin name, a species list has preloaded in drop-down menu that enables auto recognition;
  • Country of Harvest: country from which the claim originated. The country list has preloaded in drop-down menu that enables auto recognition;
  • Description: a description of the product, this field is free text that accepts any input.


c. Click “Save” to record claim and navigate to “View entered claims” to review.

d. Edit or delate claims using options in “Actions” column.

e. Enter your trading partner’s name and certificate code in “Contacts” beforehand, UI claim entry will enable auto recognition for trading partner.

f. Click “ADD NEW PARTNERS” to enter a trading partner with name and certificate code. Click “Save” to automatically import this trading partner in “Contacts”.  








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