Explore your volume summaries

Explore your OCP volume summaries

You can download your volume summaries inside the OCP. Consider including “product types” for each claim that you enter to have a more comprehensive volume summary tool.

The OCP volume summaries include:


Tab 1 Suppliers: An up-to-date list of your OCP suppliers

Tab 2 SupplierVolume Summary: A list of all your FSC input claims

Optimize the report by using Excel PivotTable:

1.Convert different units to one for analysis by entering “Conversion factor to unit x”:

Sort by units -> enter conversion factors -> All will be converted automatically in Column I (you can change ‘unit x’ to the unit that you convert, e.g. m3.)

2. Analyze the results by using "PivotTable" on your needs.

For example, get a summary of claims types by product type:

Insert PivotType -> drag ‘product type’ to row labels, ‘Claim Type’ to column labels, and then ‘unit x’ to values -> done!

Tab 3: SupplierProductTypeSummary: FSC input by product type

Tab 4: SupplierSummary: FSC input by supplier

-> This tab helps you identify your key suppliers.


Tab 6: Customers: A list of your OCP customers

Tab 7: CustomerVolume Summary: A list of all your FSC sales

Tab 8: CustomerProductTypeSummary: FSC sales by product type

Tab 9: CustomerSummary: FSC sales by customers

->  This tab helps you identify your key FSC customer

Tab 10: CustomerProductTypes: A list of your customer product types

 Other uses:

Build up your material balance/accounting record on Tab 2 and 7:

1. Convert all FSC input volume to output volume in Tab 2 by adding a column for entering conversion factors.

2.Build up your accounting record and compare FSC input and output. This will help you meet this requirement and speed up your FSC COC audits.



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