How to Consolidate Transactions?

* Both purchase and sales records can be consolidated. This article takes an example of FSC purchase.

If you often receive the same FSC certified product from the same supplier multiple times, you can consolidate, lump or group all those transactions and make a single entry into the OCP with consent of your supplier. 

  •  “Same product” refers to a product from the same supplier with the same FSC claim type, unit type, description, product type (if entered) and species and countries of harvest (if applicable).
  • The organization must be able to demonstrate to the supplier and auditors which supplier sales records are used for each consolidated claim.

 For Example:

If you purchase 10 FSC 100% Oak chairs every week from your supplier in March, instead of recording 4 separate claims you could submit a single claim for 40 chairs at the end of the month.

This would require a “Transaction Identifier”. For example, MARCH2014, to be entered, with an end date (“Claim Date”) of 31st March 2014. Then you and your supplier both understand that this consolidated claim is for all chairs invoiced during March 2014.

  • If during that month the supplier’s certificate is revoked, transactions after the date of revocation cannot be consolidated nor claimed as FSC certified.
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