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Annotation – Maintain your certificate information

The OCP is the first online platform that allows you to edit the information connected to your FSC certificate. This enables you to change contact information, edit product groups, edit species etc. Changes will go to your certification body for approval before going live. You can easily manage your certificate information with the OCP annotation function.

Annotation is under the ‘Certificate’ tab.        

Edit certificate
If you want to update the contact person or any other certificate data, enter the correct value in the empty field to replace the existing content.

Add new
Click on ‘Add New XXX’ to add a new item to your certificate.
-> For example, if you want to add a new product type, go to ‘List of Certified Products’, click on ‘Add New Certified Product’ and then fill out the list.       

Click on ‘Remove This’ to delete incorrect information from your certificate.

Submit your change request
Scroll to the foot of the page and submit the updates by clicking on ‘Submit Change Request’.
The OCP support team will then receive the request and forward it to your certification body within 48 working hours.

  • Your certification body might require extra verification based on the change contents.
  • Include the contact details of your certification body in the ‘Other/Comments’ field to speed up the process. FSC does not have a list of which auditors are connected to each certificate so the email will go to a general email address at the certification body, unless you help identify the auditor.
  • The OCP will notify you once your certificate has been updated.



**We also recommend that you follow up with your CB directly, per the usual process of updating your certificate information. To contact your CB, please refer:

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