How to record claims via SSP?

1. Downloading your spreadsheet template  

Log on the OCP at

Go to "Purchase" or "Sales" tab 

In the "Record Claim" tab Click the "Download" button next to Step 1 of the "Start Bulk Processing" section


You can save a clean copy of the spreadsheet to your computer for quick access and reuse in the future.


2. Filling out the spreadsheet

Click HERE to read more about how to fill out a Spreadsheet or download an example Spreadsheet HERE:

3. Submit the spreadsheet

Navigate to the same "Record Claim" tab you accessed before (either under ‘Purchase’ or ‘Sales’)

Click the "Browse" button next to Step 2 of the "Start Bulk Upload" section and select your spreadsheet from the popup box.

A green window will pop up showing you that your spreadsheet has been uploaded.


 3-1 Submitting SSP via Email

Alternatively, you can submit the spreadsheet via email. Attach your spreadsheet to an email and send it to the email address listed in Step 2 of the ‘Start Bulk Upload’ section.

3-2 Incorrect claims

If any incorrect claims have been uploaded, a notification will be returned to you with a link to download another spreadsheet containing only the incorrect lines from your original upload.

The fields containing the mistakes will be highlighted in orange.

Note:  In this returned sheet, cell format of Claim Date was changed to ‘General’ by Excel during the data process.

You need to change the format back to ‘Date’ to view the correct dates.


Click HERE to download a spreadsheet template for your reference. 

Note: This template is of one fictitious account and cannot be used for any real OCP account.

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