How to fill in a spreadsheet?

Filling out a spreadsheet:

Complete all the mandatory and conditional fields.

Invoice details:
Full Certificate Code of your supplier: 

NOTE: Every FSC certificate code is formed by main code and subcode. For a single site, FSC database ( only shows the main code. Please find your supplier's full certificate code in the supplier tab:

Transaction Identifier and Claim date (YYYY-MM-DD):
Transaction Identifier: Any code or number, which can be used to uniquely identify the sales document.
Claim Date (YYYY-MM-DD): The date on the sales document corresponding to the claim (e.g. 2015-09-10).

Line Items:
Claim Type: The FSC Claim that is made on the sales document including.:FSC 100%
FSC 100%
FSC Mix x%
FSC Mix (only applicable for finished labeled products, 6.1.1 of FSC-STD-40-004v2-1)
FSC Mix 50% Registered
FSC Mix Credit
FSC Recycled x%
FSC Recycled (only applicable for finished labeled products, 6.1.1 of FSC-STD-40-004v2-1)
FSC Recycled Credit
FSC Controlled Wood

Please fill out the claim type in the format as below:

Claim %: Used to capture the % value of the claim being made, when the claim type is a percentage claim. e.g. FSC Mix 70%
Add a “-“ next to “MIX” or "Recycled" when your claim is just “FSC Mix” or “FSC Recycled”.

Description: A description of the product.
Quantity: The total quantity of each line item
Units: The unit by which the product is measured.

Units accepted by the OCP are:

Product Type (optional): The type of product being claimed, as classified by FSC

Species, Countries of Harvest
ONLY Required when you buy from an FM/COC or CW/FM certificate or from a supplier with a Controlled Wood Risk Assessment who has sold you a product that contains wood from their risk assessment

When entering multiple species and/or counties, each species/country should be separated by “,”. For example, “Abies alba,Abies spp,”or  “Abies alba, Abies spp,” “Spain,Portugal,”. The coma should be attached to every single item. For example, it should be “A,B,C,D,” rather than “A,B,C,D”. Also it does not matter whether if there is a space after the coma or not. So “A,B,” and “A, B,” both work.

Species: Latin name of the species listed in the claim.

Countries of Harvest: Country from which the fibre in the claim originated.


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