How to accept claims?

Accept claims from your supplier or customer:

You will be notified in the OCP and via email once your trading partner has recorded an FSC claim against you.

If it is a claim from your customer, go to “Sales” tab, click on “View Claims” and you will be navigated to "Pending Claims".

If it is a claim recorded by your supplier on behalf of you, and then goes to “Purchase” tab.


If the claim entered is correctly and matches your records, click "Accept".

  •  A claim will be auto-accepted after 14 days if the claim is not validated or rejected by the suppliers. Once accepted, the claims can still be deleted from the platform, but with a record of that deletion.

If you notice a discrepancy in the claim submitted by your customer or supplier, click on "Mark it as a problem claim" and then give a reason for the problem. 

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