How to Record Purchase Transactions via UI?

Accessing the UI

Login to the OCP


 Navigate to “Purchase” Tab and then to the “Record Claim”.

Select the supplier from the drop down menu. If you have many suppliers you can begin typing in their certificate ID to reduce the list.


The “record claim” form is then revealed. It should be completed using the information from your transaction documents.


Filling out the form and submit transactions

Complete all the mandatory and conditional fields

1. Type the invoice number into the Transaction Identifier box and choose the Invoice date.

2. Enter the claims made by your supplier.

First, choose the Claim Type.

Enter the Product Type[1] (optional) and a short Description. Lastly, enter the Quantity and choose the Unit of measurement.

  • Species and Country of Origin are mandatory when you buy from an FM/COC or CW/FM certificate or from a supplier with a Controlled Wood Risk Assessment who has sold you a product that contains wood from their risk assessment.
To add another line item, click Add Line Item.
To remove a line item, click Remove
When you have added all of the details from your invoice click Submit Claim.
A green window will pop up at the bottom showing the claim is saved.

[1] ‘Product type’ is optional field which will help with your volume summary.

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