How to Enter FSC sales to non-FSC customers

The OCP now can be used to record both FSC and non-FSC sales to non-FSC customers. 

Each user is auto-connected to a ‘non-certificate holder’ (NCH) Bucket account to which transactions can be recorded to non-FSC suppliers or customers. Please do not delete the NCH bucket. 

Enter FSC sales to non-FSC customers via user interface
  1. Enter customers’s name and click the ‘Record Uncertified Material’ button. NOTE: the language of "Record Uncertified Material" will be replaced with "Record transactions to non-FSC companies". 

    *To reduce the amount of work, you can consolidate, lump or group all FSC sales to non-FSC customers and make a single entry into the OCP. In this case, enter the customer name as "non-FSC customers" or any other name that can explain the entry. Invoice number can be entered as "FSC Sales 2016" or other description to make it clear this consolidated claim is for all FSC sales to non-FSC customers invoiced during 2016.
  2. Scroll down and fill out the form and submit the transaction:
  3. The transaction will be automatically accepted and recorded as ‘FSC 100%’ to ‘NCH Bucket’ customer:

    Enter FSC sales to non-FSC customers via spreadsheet:

    Download the OCP spreadsheet, enter the FSC sales to the NCH bucket account (BUCKT-NCH-000002) and then upload the spreadsheet. NOTE: Enter the customer name in column L (Extra 1). 

    (* Read more about how to download and fill out spreadsheet here.).

    * Enlarge the screen to see screenshots.

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