What are the consequences for certificate holders if they are found making false and/or inaccurate claims?

The appropriate actions shall be determined by the certification body in charge of the organization’s assessment on a case-by-case basis. In most cases, when a false claim is identified, it is difficult to determine whether it was a mistake or an intentional act (fraud). When there is clear evidence of fraud, the certificate will be terminated and the certification body will notify FSC via the FSC certificate database. FSC will apply specific sanctions to the organization (e.g. financial penalty, grace period to become certified again).

When it is not clear whether the false claim was intentional or not, the certification body will issue a major corrective action request for the organization, requiring applicable measures to address the problem, such as identification of the root cause of the problem, application of non-conform- ing procedures, notification of customers, and product recall.

The certification body will also notify FSC about this occurrence via the FSC certificate database. If during the transaction verification the certification body identifies non-certificate holders mak- ing false claims, the certification body shall notify FSC, which will follow up on applicable measures against the organization.

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