How will sampling of transactions be conducted?

ASI will approach certification bodies on a case-by-case basis and request to collect relevant transaction data from their clients. ASI will determine the data to be provided:

  • The size of the sample (percentage of claims made, up to 100 per cent);
  • What product types;
  • The frequency for providing transaction data;
  • Duration for providing transaction verification data.

If a business is selected to provide data for transaction verification, the information must be provided during the annual surveillance audit performed by its certification body. For other requests, certification bodies can specify deadlines of up to 10 business days or 30 calendar days depending on the urgency of the verification and the sample size. If the request is for a few invoices, for example, the timeline would be 10 business days. If the request is for a report, covering a considerable amount of data, 30 calendar days would be specified.

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