How are supply chain integrity measures being introduced in the FSC system?

FSC will be introducing a series of supply chain integrity measures over the next four years. In 2017, a series of immediate actions will continue to be implemented. The introduction of trans- action verification to our normative framework through the chain-of-custody standard is one of these actions. Other actions include:

Rapid transaction verification audits by ASI (i.e. ASI takes immediate action in response to critical incidents);

  • ASI-initiated investigations performed by certification bodies;
  • creation of a mechanism for stakeholders to submit complaints about potential false claims;
  • Randomized, obligatory fibre testing by FSC and ASI of products selected through the FSC fibre-testing programme;
  • Introduction of legal and financial consequences for intentionally misusing the FSC sys- tem;
  • Sampling of transactions between trading parties, for verification;
  • Further testing of the OCP in selected high-risk supply chains; and
  • Investigating the feasibility of digital claims, blockchain technology, and alternative plat- forms.

Many of these immediate actions are designed to increase the knowledge about inaccurate claims in our system and test solutions for addressing these. It is expected that FSC will expand the number of certificate holders asked to perform transaction verification in 2018 – 2019 as further high-risk supply chains are investigated by FSC and ASI.

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