How to fill out the pre-formatted spreadsheet for Bamboo transaction verification?

Note: this article is not for OCP spreadsheet upload. Please refer here for filling out an OCP spreadsheet for upload.

The pre-formatted spreadsheet is used for certificate holders to submit all FSC Bamboo transactions of 2017.

Here list steps of filling out the spreadsheet.

First, enter your company information in the header.

Then enter all FSC Bamboo related purchase invoices of 2017 in Tab 1 "Purchase".   

Last, enter all FSC Bamboo related sales invoices of 2017 in Tab 2 "Sales" (same as for 'Purchases"). 


Enter the customer name if they are not FSC certified.

Enter species and countries of harvest of your sales if you are an FM/CoC certificate.

More information about the spreadsheet:

Tab 3 is an optional tab for certificate holders who wants to use this spreadsheet to record stock and conversion factors.

Tab 4 is a list of FSC claim types and product types for information.


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